Hi, I’m Ben

You’re reading this because I contacted you regarding tenancy. This is a short introduction to myself so you can feel confident that I am a responsible tenant and a pleasant person to know.

I’ll make it brief, and if you have any further questions, ask away!

I’m a people person. I like my alone time and respect other people’s space, but I also enjoy conversation, games, recreating (hiking, climbing, surfing, slacking), and ideating (wantrepreneur status).

By trade, I’m a video maker! I shoot and edit projects, manage clients, and direct talent.

I work from my computer so my room would be a half-office, as I also spend half of my time out at coffee shops. I like to get to bed by 10 and will be up at 6, and will be in and out of town.

I’m scouring the internet for a place where I can create feng shui and focus on my zen master-ness. However, I’m friendly, open, and may want to hang.

I like clean spaces. I wash my dishes after use (why procrastinate?) and would expect the same.

If you feel like we might be congruent, please email me!