Sweet n Sour

On a fantastic harvest day, I grabbed my camera imagining I’d be taking a couple shots of Gibbon (the Golden Weiner). As I was leaving my room, I decided to started rapid shooting. I didn’t plan on taking so many photos, and later that evening my memory card was full and I had to set Read More

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Navigation Shortcuts

Here are my most used shortcuts for navigating OS X: ShortcutDescription ⌘ + SpacebarSpotlight (to quickly open documents, applications, and more) tabNext field ⌘ + tabSwitch between applications ⌘ + `Switch between windows in applications ⌃ + tabSwitch between tabs in a window Googling It is important to get in the habit of googling shortcuts when you Read More Continue reading →

Procrastination, meet Pomodoro

Procrastination can be crippling. It’s a habit. A growing habit that can weigh you down, slow you down, and stop you from achieving what you want in life.

Your Ambition

What do you want in life? Cliché I know, but does your ambition wake you up in the morning? Or has it become something you’ve repressed because you no longer believe it is attainable. Procrastination will and does suppress ambitions.

But the truth is, everyone procrastinates. Everyone. And sometimes, procrastination can be a good thing.