Dear you,

I’m Ben, and I love climbing, chemistry, communications, and practical psychology. I studied hermeneutics, which has granted me unique perspective on messaging and interpretation.

I’ve been making videos since middle school and today, I’m still making videos!

I like to call myself a Video Maker. I work with various producers, production managers, art directors, and creative teams in Portland, OR.

What is a Video Maker?

I literally make videos, big and small. Sometimes I produce, sometimes I direct, and I’m often behind the camera and edit. If it wasn’t for my network, I’d probably be rehearsing scripts in my head while making sandwiches at Sandy’s Taco Shop.

I’m a filmmaker, but the majority of my income comes from being a video marketer—branding, advertising, multi-media content, promotion & commercial, and corporate.

I need help making a video!

Okay! I provide free consultation, and if I’m not your guy, I can provide resources or direct you to someone who fits the product or service you need.
So go ahead, message me.

If you haven’t already, you should check out some of my videos, or you can read my latest post.