Dearest you,

I’m Ben, and I love climbing, chemistry, communications, and practical psychology. I studied hermeneutics, which has granted me unique perspective on messaging and interpretation.

I’ve been making videos since middle school and today, I’m still making videos!

I’m what you call a Video Maker. I work with various producers, production managers, art directors, and creative teams in Portland, OR.

What is a Video Maker?

I literally make videos, big and small. I have the network. Sometimes I produce, sometimes I direct, and I’m often behind the camera and edit.

I’m a filmmaker, but the majority of my income comes from being a video marketer—branding, advertising, multi-media content, promotion & commercial, and corporate.

Could you help me make a video?

I provide free consultation, and if I’m not your guy, I probably know who is.
Do you need a video or consultation? Message me.

If you haven’t already, you should check out some of my videos, or you can read my latest post.