Procrastinating “good enough”


I wrote on perfectionism in an earlier post, and how identification with such a description is a crippling mindset for those who want to be starters/doers/entrepreneurs. Perfectionism is a habit Really. Perfectionism is just a habit of procrastinating the completion of something that is good enough. Being a skeptic (cautious when adopting new information), I have to be careful Read More

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Truth is a Myth


The useful invention Truth is a useful invention. However, often times it lacks precision when used in philosophical conversation. Many of us experience cognitive dissonance when trying to wrap our head around what truth actually is. Not which truth is true, but the nature of truth itself. I’ll partially admit that the title of this post is Read More

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Learn to Unlearn


Learning to unlearn is at the zenith of cognitive development, effective learning, and building better habits. To illustrate this important concept, I am going to use computer shortcuts as our example. Becoming proficient with shortcuts can take time. Like anything else, it requires practice. And not just time practicing, but more importantly, energy spent

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Navigation Shortcuts

Here are my most used shortcuts for navigating OS X: ShortcutDescription ⌘ + SpacebarSpotlight (to quickly open documents, applications, and more) tabNext field ⌘ + tabSwitch between applications ⌘ + `Switch between windows in applications ⌃ + tabSwitch between tabs in a window Googling It is important to get in the habit of googling shortcuts when you Read More Continue reading →